BlockPI Network

Registration with Email

The homepage of the BlockPI Network service is You will be asked to register when you first visit.

Register with email

Click to start the registration.

Input information to register.

You will be asked to verify your email address.

After you confirm the email address in your mailbox, the registration is finished and you will be directed to the welcome page. You can claim the free package gift, buy an additional RU package, and set the Auto-scaling option here.

Check the box of terms of use and privacy policy and confirm to proceed.

For more information about the Free Package Gift, Additional RU packages and Auto-scaling, please refer to Pricing​
To deposit funds, please refer to Deposit​

This is the page after login as a new user. The next part is to generate an API key.

Dashboard Page

After claiming, you will be directed to the dashboard main page. Topleft panel is basic account information. Topright panel shows the last 30 days history of account activities. Bottom panel is a customizable panel with more detailed RU and request historic statistics.
Note that Success Rate does not equal to (1-InvalidRequests/Requests) because Invalid Requests calculate any failed requests while Success Rate calculate failed requests with EVM errors and system errors.

Check the claimed Free Package Gift

After claiming the Free Package Gift, there will be a subscription on the overview subpage of the Billing page. The Free package is a gift package to be distributed to registered users on the 1st of every month. The number of RUs for early bird registration is 100,000,000. Thank you for using our service!