BlockPI Network


API key
A simple encrypted string generated by users and verified by BlockPI Hub. It is a pass to use the BlockPI Network service.
Setting of the following automatic purchase strategy when the current RU packages are fully consumed.
BlockPI Hub
BlockPI servers which manage the user system, node rating and authenticator system, and accounting system.
BlockPI Node Balancer
An algorithm BlockPI developed that governs how Gateways dispatch requests to HyperNodes.
BlockPI Testnet
A BlockPI Testnet is a network constructed for testing purposes. It consists of multiple instances such as Testnet #1, #2, and so on. Testnet #1 has completed in September 2022. Typically, a Testnet provides incentives and is open to third-party operators and users.
BlockPI Network explorer.
A fixed period of time at the end of which statistics, rewards, and scores of HyperNodes are settled. One epoch is 24 hours.
A special kind of user, verifies that HyperNodes and Gateways are functioning properly in the same way as normal users sending requests.
Distributed nodes which collect and sort users' requests, and route them to the proper HyperNodes.
End nodes that process RPC requests and send them to corresponding BlockChain Network
Pay As You Go
An option in Auto-Scaling. Directly deduction of the wallet balance for extra RU use if the wallet balance is greater than $0 and the RU balance is 0.
A distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.
Public User
Unregistered users who use BlockPI public endpoints for free.
Registered User
Users who registered are able to generate API keys and enjoy advanced services.
Request Unit (RU)
The basic unit used to calculate the users' usage for sending RPC requests.
RU Package
An RU package contains a certain amount of RUs. Different RU packages come with varying numbers of RUs and expiration dates.
A unit contains a certain amount of RUs with an expiration time; Created and authorized by BlockPI hub; Gateways use it to verify the validity of the request.
Individual blockchain node, monitoring each role in the network,guarantee of the healthy operation of the network.