BlockPI Network

Request Unit (RU)

Different types of RPC queries consume different levels of BlockPI Network resources. Request Unit is a basic charge unit to calculate the usage of the network. This design will provide a fair and transparent experience for every developer and user. The following table shows the RU pricing of each method.
If you need to access the data from earlier blocks, you can follow this instruction to turn on the Archive Model, which allows users to access all the historical data of the blockchain.
Archive mode will route the requests to archive nodes of the blockchain. Since running an archive node requires huge storage, the RU consumption will increase by 30%. And it typically takes a longer time to process due to the huge amount of data. So we recommend you open Archive Mode only when it’s necessary. Check Best Practicesto better efficiently use the feature.
Other RPC methods that node client supports but not specified in this table will be charged based on the data size. The rate is 5 RUs per 250 byte.

RU cost of Individual method