Subscribe to different Ethereum event types like newHeads, logs, pendingTransactions, and minedTransactions using WebSockets.


  • Event types- specifies the type of event to listen to (ex: new pending transactions, logs, etc.)

  • Optional params - optional parameters to include to describe the type of event to listen to (ex: address)


While the subscription is active, you will receive events formatted as an object described below:

  • Event Object:

    • jsonrpc: Always "2.0"

    • method: Always "eth_subscription"

    • params: An object with the following fields:

      • subscription: The subscription ID returned by the eth_subscribe call which created this subscription. This ID will be attached to all received events and can also be used to cancel the subscription using eth_unsubscribe

      • result: An object whose contents vary depending on the event type.

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